The latest in the series of social commentaries by Karvaan Film Productions, ‘Dehleez’ essays the large prevalence of gender discrimination in India’s life and its psyche. Through three brief incidents, the film brings into focus different faces of the sex bias that girls in every strata of the society go through.

Whether a small girl is forbidden from playing cricket, an aspiring teenage girl is outright discouraged to go for higher studies and carve a career, or a married woman is bluntly stopped from chasing her love for dancing, the wishes and dreams of women are ruthlessly crushed in the patriarchal society. It shatters not only women’s dreams and desires but their lives and happiness. And that makes no news.

Karvaan film Productions, an offshoot of the Karavaan Theatre Group, is a team of young enthusiasts working to create awareness about social and political issues. The Group has so far produced three films on different problems. It aims at going about on a larger scale in film-making and produce films that interfere with the traditional thinking.

Cast & Crew of ‘Dehleez’: Director: Satish Yadav; Story: Satish Yadav; Script: Madan Keshari; Editor: Kumar Saurabh; Camera & DoP: Suraj Sagar & Apoorva Saurabh; Cast: Sushmita Aggarwal, Avani Shyam, Harshvardhan, Priya.