Modi Not Welcome

Caravan Daily News

LONDON — At 9.00pm last night (Sunday, Nov 8) a masive projection of Narendra Modi holding a sword in one hand and a shield with the Oum symbol with a swastika superimposed appeared on the Houses of Parliament next to the iconic Big Ben. Above it were the letters Modi Not Welcome. It was the most high profile message from the campaigners of the Modi Not Welcome organisations which have come together as the Awaaz Network.

As a spokesperson from one of the constituent groups South Asia Solidarity Group commented ‘The projection represents the fascistic ideology which Modi and the RSS – admirers of Hitler – stands for.On the day when voters in Bihar decisively rejected Modi’s anti-people politics of hate, this demonstrates that Modi will get the same message of rejection from a large section of Indians abroad and all those who care about human rights violations. He can no longer peddle the myth of NRI adulation to try and bolster his image at home’
The demonstration on the 12th of November at Downing Street beginning at midday is likely to be a massive affair with a range of groups involved.

‘Modi Not Welcome’ Projection On British Parliament